Study title: The effect of two-handed exercises with the Bimeo PRO system on the upper limb motor functions of stroke patients

Device use: Bimeo PRO

Published: 9th Congress of Occupational Therapists of Slovenia, 25th and 26th October 2018, Ljubljana


Patient selection: The study involved 6 patients after a cerebral stroke that were first time involved in rehabilitation programs at the University Rehabilitation Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (URI - Soča). The inclusion criteria were the evaluation of the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) (Granda et al. 2003) of more than 25 points out of 30 points and, after a clinical assessment, at least a coarse grip in the affected upper arm was indicated. All patients had given consent to participate in the study.

Protocol: Patients performed training on the Bimeo PRO device 5 days a week, 15-20 minutes per day, 1 month. In addition, everyone was included in the standard occupational therapy rehabilitation treatment.

Results: The study involved five men and one woman, four with right-handed disability and two with left-handed disability. The average age of patients was 61.5 years. Table shows the results of clinical assessments before the start of training and after four weeks of training.



The results of clinical assessments show in five patients progress in WMFT both in time measurement and in functional evaluation; in WMFT power measurement, the assessment is unchanged in two patients; in WMFT the ability to lift the load (weight) is the same in three patients. In only one patient, the results of all assessments are unchanged. FMA progress has also been observed in five patients, with only one patient evaluating remained unchanged.

Graph shows the measured values of the parameters of efficiency and deviation. The top two graphs show the results for the Reaching task, the middle two graphs for the Tracking task and the graphs below show the results for the Labyrinth task. The gray color indicates the values of individual patients, and the dashed line (thickened) shows the median of all patients for each day of exercise.

Conclusion: In the rehabilitation of stroke patients, the Bimeo PRO device proved to be an effective device for improving the function of affected upper limb and could become a useful additional procedure in the occupational therapy clinical practice.

Special thanks to: Metka Javh, Nika Goljar, Slava Kotnik, Katarina Košir, Tina Tinkara Jeras and Julija Ocepek.







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